Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi

ASMK History

By Frans Deguara

ASM was founded in Mtarfa on the 14th April, 1985. To-day, the clubhouse is still in Mtarfa. The first President and Founder was Mr. Noel Farrugia now Member of Parliament. Mr Farrugia had a broad spectrum into the future of Off-Road Motorcycling, thus the name chosen was:- Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi often called as A.S.M.

Mr Farrugia, Founder/President formed the first Committee and Commissions, mainly for Trials competitions and Displays, for Motocross and also a Commission for Road Racing. Two Auditors were appointed to cater for the Association funds. Since the early years the ASM Executive Committee is democratically elected by the members during an AGM.

To raise funds to support the Association, ASM had prepared plans to build a Sports Centre at Ta Qali next to the ASM Racetracks. Today, the Centenary Stadium is built in this location. This Sports Centre was planned to include a Gym, a training centre, a social centre including a hostel for Off-Road holiday centre for foreign members of F.I.M., ACU and UEM.

ASM started organising Trials bikes competitions in localities mainly such as Bahar ic-Caghaq, Lapsi, Cirkewwa and Delimara. A European Trials competition was held at Zonqor Point in 1990 and Robert Caruana placed 2nd overall. ASM Trials bikers often competed in Greece and won high places. 1985 also showed the introduction of Motocross in Malta. This soon brought large crowds to the Ta Qali open areas. The boundary walls of the present race track were built by the Govt. between 1985 and 1988. During these first years all local motorsport was at a stand still and only ASM was organising motorsport. In the meantime ASM also organised Enduro races for m.cycles too.

In 1990, ASM organised the first Autocross Championship based on 1400cc engines and vehicle modifications. Rules and regulations with regards to track and vehicles are constantly updated to the highest safety specs to reach European standards as near as possible.

Banger racing Championships were introduced in1995. This section together with a team from the Executive committee also organised Car Demolition Derby's during the years for big cars, small cars and Van meetings were organised too.

During the years ASM was affiliated with UEM and FIM through ACU, FMI and CONI. Since 2007, ASM is now a Full member of UEM and is very well supported by the Italian Federation FMI. In 2007, FMI sent four Coaching Instructors to train the Maltese Motocross and Quad bike riders. ASM is also responsible to organise an annual '3-day European Moto-Raduno' between Sicily and Malta.

Since 2007 ASM is again a full member and is a Federation of the European Union for Motorcycling UEM-FIM and of the Italian Federation FMI. Since 1988 ASM is affiliated to the Maltese Olympic Committee MOC, the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport KMS and to the Malta Motorsport Federation since 2007.

Since the UEM-FMI re-affiliation, ASM has entered in European competitions and is planning to compete in the Sicilian-Italian Motocross, Trials and Autocross championships too. ASM is seriously planning future competitions both locally and abroad for its members.

ASM also organizes social activities for its members and friends, fund raising events for the Malta Community Chest Fund since 1994, Holy Mass in November for the deceased ASM members and a Practical Day's work for the 'Dar tal-Providenza' is organised too.

ASM Presidents:-
Founder - President Mr. Noel Farrugia MP
Mr. Emanuel Caruana
Mr. Tonio Farrugia (1993 – 1993)
Mr. Frans Deguara (1993 – xxxx)

ASM Secretaries:-
Mr Peter Vella.
Mr Tonio Farrugia (Secretary Ad-Interim)
Mr. Frans Deguara
Mr. Alfred Sant
Mr. Charles Cilia
Mr. Johann Pace.

Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi