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Launching the 2018/19 Honda Motocross Season

16th October 2018

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The Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi on Sunday 21 October will open the season of activities with cars and motorcycles championships for 2018/2019. During this season we will see various activities by the Autocross, Demolition, Enduro, Motocross and Trials sections and in total there will be 39 activities planned for during the coming nine months.

Meanwhile following the last ASMK General Meeting new people are seen entering the leadership in Motocross. Young James Mamo and Michael Sant are elected for the first time to represent this section in the Executive Committee. This further complements the team of last season thus new ideas are expected. The leadership in Motocross has been re-confirmed to John Cassar together with Paul Deguara and John Mamo as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Currently ongoing preparations for Sunday 21 October 2018 are underway for initiating the ‘Honda Motocross National Championship 2018-2019’. Agian, this will be sponsored by the Honda of GasanZammit Company Ltd.

The first pre-Championship event will be a non-championship Fun Race where the competitors can evaluate their skills for the coming competitions of the season. During the summer hot days of training we saw a beautiful number of Riders on track who continued to upgrade themselves and invest in new motorcycles. So it seems that the coming season will be very well challenged. Once again the National Motocross Championship will be based on Class ‘A’ for Riders who are more Expert and Professional in this sport. Class ‘B’ is held for Riders with Advanced abilities while the ‘Veterans Class’ which is making success year after year is for riders of over 40 years of age. During this season we will also have Class 'C'. This class is designed for Rider and enthusiasts who are new in Motocross.

The need of class 'C' in the opinion of the leadership is for Riders who would like to participate not only during training sessions but also to make them feel included during the ASMK activities. The first program of the Motocross season on Sunday, will start at 10am with'Warm-up beginning at 9,00am.

The activities of the season are to continue in the coming weeks so much so that on Sunday 28th October ASMK will be initiating the Autocross National Championship. In preparation for this season racing the Autocross cars on Saturday 20th October and on Saturday 27th October will be attending Scrutineering sessions to ensure safety and conformity with the Standard Autocross regulations.

Currently ongoing work on the Trials Academy Project under VOPS 2018 is making progress. Following the coaching training by the FMI Technical team under the direction of FIM-Europe, the trained coaches are going to start training students to reach basic levels of this sport during school hours. The purpose of this Project for youngsters is to increase their physical activity, Sports Education in a different school sport discipline from the traditional sport and introducing this discipline to boost student to participate in sports.

Currently work on this subject is ongoing very well and the Association project team in recent weeks approved the teaching framework. This team also announced that one particular school has already approved this program and it is expected to start the training as soon as the new electric bikes arrive.

Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi